Sip-G Bubble Milk Tea

Sip-G Bubble milk tea is the kiosk type version of TeaGumps milk tea shop. Though it’s a stand-alone booth, together with Tea Gumps, Sip-G Bubble Milk Tea is the leading milk tea brand in the whole of Rizal which proves to be remarkably patronized by milk tea lovers and alike. It’s affordability and quality of each drink has been researched and developed through time with its intention to be availed by the many without compensating it’s taste and ingredients. Hence, it’s top class variety milk tea concoction appeals to the millennial taste and the others.

Want a Franchise?

Our world class product, seamless operations, and stunning interior has been proven it's staple to the milk tea market in Rizal and soon in the Philippines. Take the first Sip! Franchise and be one of our partners today!